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It's Your Love Chords

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Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by martin03polanco

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It's Your Love

  		Intro    B    F#/B    B    F#/B    x2 

Verse 1 

B         E/B  F#/B           B 
Upon the hill        of Calvary 
B             E/B        F#/B 
He came from heaven's throne 
B           E/B  F#/B           B 
our fallen-ness      and mercy meet 
        E/B      F#/B   B    F#/B 
where blood and water flow 

Verse 2 

B             E/B  F#/B              B 
What grace divine      what selflessness 
B                  E/B       F#/B 
that Christ would bear the weight 
B              E/B  F#/B                B 
our proof is scarred    on hands that bled 
      Eadd2       F#sus F#  B 
that we were worth every  nail 


          E                  B 
All the praise and glory to God 
              G#m              F#sus F# 
we sing Hallelujah, sing Hallelujah 
         E                     B 
for the king has carried the cross 
        E      F#       B 
He has risen from the grave 

Verse 3 

B           E/B  F#/B           B 
Beyond the tomb       to holy skies 
B           E/B  F#/B 
He rose in victory 
B               E/B  F#/B             B 
and bringed for us       the great divide 
     Eadd2        F#sus F#  B 
His life is our  l i b e r t y 


      E               B 
Your love, it's Your love, 
           F#             C#m 
it's your love, that has saved me 
       E                B 
Your blood, it's Your blood, 
            F#              C#m 
it's your blood, that has claimed me 


 E   B       F#     C#m 
W o a h!   Woah!   Woah! 

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