High School Musical

Just Wanna B With U

High School Musical

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by  LAY98MCFLY0408

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Just Wanna B With U

Ryan: I got a lot a things 
I have to do, 
     Em                     Dm         
Ryan: All these distractions our futures coming soon 
Ryan:Were being pulled 
Ryan and Kelsi:A hundred different directions 
Ryan:But whatever happens 
Both:I know i've got you 
     C#m              Dm     
Ryan:Your on my mind, your in my heart 
     D#m        Dm 
Both:It doesnt matter where we are 
     C#m              Dm 
Ryan: We'll be alright 
     D#m    D     Dm 
Both:Even if we're miles apart 

                    F             C 
Troy and Gabriella: All, I wanna do 
Dm      C 
is be with you, 
Dm     C 
be with you 
There's nothin' we can't do 
C          Dm         C 
I just wanna be with you 
Only you 
F                              C                      G 
No matter where life takes us nothin' can brake us apart 
Troy:You know it's true 
     F                     C 
Both:I just wanna be with you 
Gabriella: Heeeeeeeeeey 

Troy: Just Be With You 

Gabriella: Oh, Yeah, Yeah. 

Troy: You Know How Life Can Be. 
It Changes Over Night! 
Both: Its sunny then Rainin' But It's Alright! 
Gabriella: A Friend Like You, 
Both: Always Makes It Easy! 
Troy: I Know That You Get Me. 
Both: Everytime! Through Every up, through every down! You know I'll be around 
Through anything you can count on me 

Both: All I Wanna Do, 
Is Be With You, 
Be With You! 
There's Nothing We Can't Do, 
I just Wanna Be With You, 
Only You! 
No Matter Where Life Takes Us, 
Nothing Can Break Us Apart! 
Troy: You Know Its True, 
Both: I Just Wanna Be With You.. I Just Wanna Be With You... 

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