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Growing In Jesus

Heritage Singers

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Growing In Jesus


verse 1 

    Bb               Cm          Dm                Cm           
It takes a lot of growing for a tree to reach the sky 
    Bb              D#              F - F7 
It takes a lot of rain to help it grow 
    D#                F           Dm               Gm - Cm 
It takes a lot of running for a child to catch the wind 
                    Cm7 -  F              F7 
It takes a lot of walking    to learn to run. 

Bb D# - Dm And I'm growing in Jesus D# Dm Gm Getting stronger each and every day in every way. Cm - F Bb 'Cause Jesus. is growing in me.
verse 2:(same as verse 1) Many times I've been discouraged, when the rain got in my way; I didn't know that it would help me grow; And every time I run ahead, I'd always miss the turn; And end up walking back way to what I'd learned. Repeat Chorus 2 times

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