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How Soon Chords

Henry Mancini

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How Soon

  		A7  Dsus4 D   D7M  D   D9  D  Em7/9   A 
How soon the flame of love can die, 
 G   A6     A   Em7   A7   G/B  A7     D Am7  B7 
How soon "good night" becomes  "goodbye." 
Cdim   Em7  B7       Cdim  B7 Em7/6  Em  B+   
You're gone now, and life goes  on  now, 
    Em6  Em7 Cdim  B7   Am7 B7  Gm7  Gdim 
And  ev'rything   seems out of tune. 
A7  Dsus4 D   D7M  D   D9   D  Em7/9   A 
But time can bring a change of heart, 
 G   A6   A  Em7  A7  G/B  A7   C#m5-/7  F#7 
And love can make   another   start, 
 B7     G  G/F# Fdim     Edim    D  F#m B7 
Some  day, you may come back to me to stay, 
Cdim G G/F# Em7 Gdim  D 
But who can say how soon? 

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