Hellen Forrest

I'm Confessin'

Hellen Forrest

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I'm Confessin'

(Al Neiburg, Doc Dougherty and Ellis Reynolds)


D              A7/13- A7 D7M    D6 
I'm confessin' that I love you 
D               A7/13- Am7  B7 
Tell me, do you love  me too 
G              G9     A9        A7       D     Cdim 
I'm confessin' that I need you, honest I do  
Em7            A7   A7/13- 
Need you ev'ry moment 
D              A7/13- A7     D7M          D6 
In your eyes I read such strange things 
D             A7/13-   Am7    B7 
But your lips deny they're true 
G                G9       A9          A7    Gdim  D   G   D   D7M 
Will your answer really change things making me blue 
D7             Am7         D9         D7 
I'm afraid someday you'll leave me 
G                  D5+       G6       G  D7 Fdim 
Saying, "Can't we still be friends" 
E7             E7/9         E7 
If you go, you know you'll grieve me 
A9             Em7 Edim A9   Gdim 
All in life on you   depends 
D             A7/13-  A7  D7M      D6 
Am I guessing that you love me 
D                 A7/13- Am7 B7 
Dreaming dreams of you in vain 
G               Em7    A9      A7      D    G   Gm Edim D6 
I'm confessin' that I love you over again 

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