Jonnys Song


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Jonnys Song

Bm  D  A  Bm G  D  A  Bm A  D  G  A  Bm 

Bm                 D         A        Bm 
Johnny was working hard just like his father, 
        G             D       A       Bm 
Cutting lumber at the sawmill all day through. 
       A                   D      G 
In the evening hanging out at the diner, 
         A                              Bm 
Watching Betty working, and her eyes so blue. 

Bm            D         A      Bm 
Betty was the girl he'd always wanted, 
            G            D   A     Bm 
But she was married to a man doing time. 
       A                 C             G 
He was violent and mean, Bobby was his name. 
    A                                     Bm 
She knew when he got out, he'd do another crime. 

Bm                        D         A     Bm 
He got out on parole, and heard she was untrue, 
      G                         A      Bm 
So he beat her up real bad, and drove away. 
      A                                   D       G 
She explained how she had fallen down the stairs again, 
But Johnny knew the truth, and swore he'd make him pay. 

   D  A  Bm  G  A  Bm  A D G A Bm 

Bm                      D             A        Bm 
He put the hammer down, and thundered down the road. 
             G   A   Bm 
He drove all ni-i-i-ght from town to town. 
          A               D     G 
But Bobby knew he'd come, so he waited, 
And at the break of dawn he shot poor Johnny down. 

Bm       D   A     Bm   G     A     Bm     A     D    G    D   A  Bm 

Bm                 D        A      Bm 
He set fire to the body and headed home. 
          G              D     A       Bm 
Betty was closing up the diner when he came. 
    A                                  G 
She bolted the door but he brought gasoline, 
    A                                          Bm 
And through the flames she called out Johnny's name... 

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