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How Can I Refuse Chords


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by alexribeiro

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How Can I Refuse

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A/F# B/F# E/F# A B/E E E/A B/A E|---------------------------------------------- B|--2----4-----------2-----4-----------5----4--- G|--2----4-----1-----2-----4-----1-----4----4--- D|--2----4-----2-----2-----4-----2-----6----4--- A|-------------------------2-----2----------0--- E|--2----2-----2-----------0-------------------- B A/B C#m B/C# A/B E|--------------4------------------------------- B|--4-----2-----5-----4-----2------------------- G|--4-----2-----6-----4-----4------------------- D|--4-----2-----6-----4-----2------------------- A|--2-----2-----------4------------------------- E|---------------------------------------------- (intro) F#5 E|---------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------- G|---------------------------------------------- D|---------------------------------------------- A|----4-4-4-4---4-4-4-4---4-4-4-4---4-4-4-4----- E|----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2-----
A/F# B/F# A/F# Wake me up with laughter B/F# E/F# B/F# Wrap me in your arms A B/E This ain't no morning after A B/E E B/E Never been so warm B/A It didn't take so long A B/A E/A B/A For us to feel this way A/B B Can a good thing last A/B B Longer than a day
B C#m B/C# C#m Where do we take it now B/A A E Now that we caught fire B C#m B/C# C#m Will something greater grow B/A A E Out of this desire B C#m B/C# Should I drop my guard C#m B/A A E At the risk of being used B C#m B/C# C#m The way you do those things to me A B How can I refuse
A/F# B/F# A/F# I could get addicted B/F# E/F# B/F# To your energy A B/E The way you take me over A B/E E B/E Mmm keeps pulling on me A B/A Our hearts beat together A B/A E/A B/A Our timing is the same A/B B Can I trust my feelings A/B B Save myself the pain (Refrão) E B/E A/B A/B We could share the mystery E B/E A/B A/B Spare ourselves the misery E B/E Discover it again every day E B/E A B/A A/B B We could take love all the way ( A/F# B/F# A/F# B/F# E/F# B/F# ) A B/E A B/E E B/E A How can I refuse you B/A E/A B/A A/B B How can I refuse you ( A/B B E/B B A/F# )

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