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Even It Up Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

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Even It Up

  		INTRO:  E   A    E   A

(VERSE) (E) "I'm the one who can please you"
Ain't that what you said
You seemed so alone
I guess I was easily led

(A) I showed you my love
But I guess that it went to your head
(E) When you were hungry
I brought you your breakfast in bed

(CHORUS) (A) Even it up, even it up, even it up
Even it up, even it up, even it up
A (F#) (G) good man pays his (A) debt
(F#) But you (G) ain't paid yours (A) yet
Even it
Even it up

D D D   A A A   D D D   A A A     E



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