Hayes Carll

Little Rock

Hayes Carll

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Little Rock

	  		Capo III (all chords relative) 
Intro: A 
Verse 1: 
Wake up in the morning long and lean 
Stoppin' at the corner cigarettes and gasoline 
Pullin' down Main Street shiftin' through gears 
Rollin' up that highway they been working on for years 
E              E7 E 
One eye on the sunrise, one eye on the clock 
D7                                              A 
Come tomorrow morning I'm gonna make it back to Little Rock 
I searched through L.A. County the valleys and the stars 
Del Rio to the bayou all them honky-tonks and bars 
I felt you in Seattle driving through the rain 
Dan through New York City just a callin' out your name 
After all these years of searchin' I finally found my spot 
One way or another, Lord, I'm gonna make it down to Little Rock 
D All my life I tried to find A A piece of this Earth for my peace of mind D All these years of searchin' let my troubles disappear E Maybe find a place where we can sit and drink a beer
Half a pack and seven hours put up on the shelf Singing to the radio and talkin' to myself Screamin' through the forest magic on my soul Ninety miles an hour on the cruise control Blowin' by the truckers, the grandmas and the cops "What's your hurry son?" well it's just that I'm on my way to Little Rock Baby get ready trouble's on its way Only thinkin' 'bout you every night and every day Tell all your other lovers forget about the past Ain't even gonna worry 'cus this time it's gonna last I'm comin' round the corner, ain't even gonna knock Hey pretty baby, here comes your daddy down to Little Rock Outro: A E D A Spoken over outro: (Yeah, Little Rock! I'm goin' to Little Rock I may be the only one, but I'm goin' I ain't sleepin' on the couch.)

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