Hawk Nelson


Hawk Nelson

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by  JOSEP1

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	  		Intro C F C G 

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G|-55-55-7-7/9-7-5----|-55-55-7-7/9-7-5-9-7-|-55-55-7-7/9-7-5----|-77----55-77-7-7/9-7- D|-----------------33-|---------------------|-----------------33-|--------------------- A|--------------------|---------------------|--------------------|----77---------------
You never ever leave my mind My sweet sweet Madeline Every time I look into your eyes I feel like I'm alive C F And I can barely make a sound C G Whenever you're around C F You can find me hiding in the crowd C G C Next time you come to town Hey! Hey! I've been waitin' all day!
C F Every time I want to say hello C G Every time I want to stay, I go C F Can't ever find the words to let you know Am G Sometimes you play my mind a million times
Wish I could somehow let you know That all the way from here to Mexico You're the one and only girl for me hehe Tu es un, bonjour, oui oui C F And my tongue gets tied so quick C G I get so nervous I'm feelin' sick C F And turn into the world's worst Romeo C G C Every time I try to say hello You're so fine, been on my mind Get nervous every time I see you hop online D G Every time I want to say hello D A Every time I want to stay, I go D G Can't ever find the words to let you know Bm A Sometimes you play my mind a million times

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