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Moments Chords

Hans Bollandsaas

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by robepoiel

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Intro: hvert grep spilles litt. C Am F e-----------0------|-----------0------|-----------1------| B---3/5/3-1-1------|---3/5/3-1-1--- --|---3/5/3-1-1------| G-----------0------|-----------2------|-----------2------| D---3/5/3-2-2------|---3/5/3-2-2------|---3/5/3-2-3------| A-----------3------|-----------0------|-----------3------| E-----------0------|-----------0------|-----------1------|
Verse: C now I'm standing in this room Am remember the day I was your groom F C all I ever wanted, I had in you C and I don't regret the day Am when I told you I would stay F C your sweet kiss, on the couch by night Ref. F C joyful moments F C secrets that we share, the love we make Am C i wanna say that I'm sorry for a thousand things F C but I'm much to far away Am I wanna be with you love F G C so I'm sorry that I can't come home Mellomspill samme som Intro med litt variasjon. Ref. Am C I wanna be with you love, F G C so I'm sorry that I can't come home

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