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Knoxville Courthouse Blues Chords

Hank Williams Jr

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Knoxville Courthouse Blues

A   G   D    A   G   D 
    A                        G 
I'm sittin' in the Knoxville Courthouse 
  D                    A 
I ain't got a thing to do 
  A                     G 
I don't wanna go to the movies 
  D                    A 
I couldn't if I wanted to 
       G    D           A 
I'm on trial for lovin' you 
Now this all started in a honky tonk 
Just the other side of town 
A girl comes in, takes a stool by me 
Orders gin and drinks it down 
She lit up a cigarette, sexy lady turned around 
Well she says my name is Janie 
And asked me what was mine 
I answered Hank as I walked to the jukebox 
And dropped in a dime 
I checked out her short dress and low neckline 
Well we danced for 5 or 10 minutes 
And I held her close to me 
I kissed her lips and I squeezed her hips 
And I judged her about 23 
She whispered in my ear, I said Yessiree 
Now the scene is a little motel 
Out on the state highway 
There in room 12 a little love is about to take place 
When the state trooper breaks down the door 
Shines a flashlight in my face 
Change Key to B 
  B                     A        E                         B 
I said what the hell is this as another man and woman come in 
        B                    A                        E                B 
And the girl I'm with starts cryin' and screamin' and she runs over to them 
         A                E                         B  
She says thank god you're here, he tried to hurt me momma 
I said now you don't mean 
    E                        B 
The cop said son the girl is 17 
So that's why I'm in the Knoxville Courthouse 
And the judge passed a sentence on me 
And it's 10 long years for statutory rape 
In the state penenitiary 
Lord I can't believe this has happened to me 
So the next time you give a girl the eye and 
She gives you that certain little smile 
Just remember under that woman's breast 
Might beat the heart of a child 
So let yourself be warned to help a mixed up kid go wild 
This story happens a lot, it's true 
But you better hope I don't happen to you 

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