Halia Meguid

Mad Man With A Box

Halia Meguid

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Mad Man With A Box

Dm                  Gm 
As night turns into day, 
A                Dm 
You take me far away. 
Bb                   F 
You offered me your hand.  
A                  Gm    A 
The winding stars and strands... 

Dm              Gm 
I opened up my eyes,  
A                   Dm 
And to my great surprise 
Bb                      F 
The world was full of light,  
A             Gm    A 
All shining lily white.  

Dm                   Gm 
What is a life with you? 
A                       Dm 
What's life without you too? 
Bb                  F 
It seems we are astray,  
A                  Gm   A 
Just ghosts among the gray.  

Dm                 Gm 
And you, my shadow man,  
A                     Dm 
With pockets full of sand... 
Bb                        F 
It's a lonesome life you lead,  
A                    Gm   A 
Wrapped all in time and tweed... 

Dm                 Gm 
And quiet came our way,  
A                       Dm 
The cracks came out to play. 
Bb                    F 
And come the ticking clocks, 
A                Gm   Dm 
The mad man with the box. 

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