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Black Diamond Strings Chords

Guy Clark

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Black Diamond Strings

Capo on 2nd fret
  		  key of B (Dublin Blues CD track 2) 
Black Diamond Strings   
Black Diamond Strings   
Drinkiní 1 W. Harper   
Playiní Black Diamond Strings   
Black Diamond Strings   
Are like white flour and grits   
You play Black Diamond Strings   
            E           A  
ĎCause itís all you can get   
 A                          D       A 
Black Diamond Strings on a Catalog Guitar   
                           E          A 
Thatís pretty high cotton whoever you are   
                                        D          A 
You break one you change one, thatís as good as it gets   
                               E            A 
You can play all year long on two or three sets   
J.W. Crowell was a hell of a man   
He played two nights a week in a hillbilly band   
He played at the Ice House on Telephone Road   
He played in the yard just to lighten his load   
Hey J.W play that frogline   
Let Rodney sit in, hell, heís goiní on nine   
His fingers are bleediní, but heís keepiní good time   
Playiní Black Diamond Strings, heíll never quit tryiní   
Causette told Ďem both   
You boys pack t up, itís time to go home   
We got church in the morniní, itís cominí up dawn   
Donít make me say it again or Iím gone   
You can stay here forever, but youíre gonna walk home  

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