Gregory Alan Isakov


Gregory Alan Isakov

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Intro: E  A  C#m  A 

Verse 1:
E           A    C#m  A 
down in the bardo 
          E                     A       C#m  A 
there was nothing to hold so we let it go 
        E              A     C#m  A 
we were empty, we were hollow 
            E                  A         C#m  A 
shined with everything we were living for 

B A and you see your soul B A like some picture show A across idaho
Instrumental: E A C#m A (2x) Verse 2 E A C#m A we were running through the autumn leaves E A C#m A a couple kids just wearing out our jeans, running E A C#m A mary she?s our autumn queen E A C#m A watch her smoking cigarettes in the street
B A and down she goes B A cold she blows across idaho
Bridge F#m E A and there?s lights up in the north F#m E A and i aint wondering where you are F#m E A yeah just lights up in the north
B A now it?s white as snow B A watch the evening glow E across idaho
Outro: E A C#m A

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