Green On Red

The Drifter

Green On Red

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The Drifter


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Main Riff: e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----7-10-7---------------7-10/12-10-7--------------------------------------| G|--9--------9-7-9-------9--------------9-7---/9--/12------------------------| D|-----------------9---------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: Main riff (x2) Verse: D Em They call me the drifter D I go from town to town Em Aint no way of getting closer D Than the way I found I started in seattle Worked my way down south I found my pray at nighttime And leave them helpless Main Riff (x2) They call me the killer Got a lot on my mind I drive in old cars The sherrif never finds I started in seattle Moved down in key west I found my five angels And I laid them down to rest

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