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Only Of You Chords

Green Day

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Only Of You

Year: 1991 - Album: 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

  		Intro:  A  B   E   B   D    < 4x

A              B
I wish I could tell you
D              E
But the words would come out wrong
A              B
Oh if you only knew
D              E
The way I felt for so long
A              B
I know that we're worlds apart
D              E
But I just don't seem to care
A              B
These feelings in my heart
D              E
Only with you I want to share

A B E B D The first time I caught A B E B D a glimpse of you A B E B D Then all my thoughts were A B E B pausa Only of you
A B I hope that when time goes by D E You will think the same about me A B Many nights awake I lie D E I only wish that you could see A B I know that we're only friends D E I hope this feeling never ends A B If I could only hold you D E It's the only thing I want to do Refrão Parte3: B A B B B A B < 4x Canto 2x _______________________________________________________ Contribuição: Mr. Ice([email protected])

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