Great Lake Swimmers

On The Water

Great Lake Swimmers

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On The Water

verse 1 
G                 C                 G 
I was on the water when it began to heave 
G          Em        C         D 
And at the fight my words were strong 
G                    Em                 C             G 
But I would not have imagined that they?d stop making patterns  
G                   Em                 D             G 
It?s caps of white, raised and broke I fasten to the boat 

verse 2 
G                      C                  G 
The panic overtook me and the fear I held within 
G        Em            C               D 
I drew a breath and I tried to find the courage 
G                    Em            C                  G 
To stand the troubled trip. What have I gotten myself into?  
G           Em          D        G 
I silently wondered, I silently asked 

verse 3 
G               Em         C             G 
I thought of my family and thought of my love 
G              Em          C             D 
I thought of my maker and what might be above  
G                    Em         C              G 
And the cabin in the woods that I have not yet built 
G          Em                 D            G  
Many other things that I hold dear in this world 

verse 4 
G             Em               C                G 
I rode through the turmoil and rode through the strife  
G             Em               C       D 
I held to my words and I clumped to my life 
G                Em     C        G 
And then when my vision began to blur 
G              Em          D                G 
This is what I saw and the thought that had occurred 

Verse 5 
G           Em            C           G 
I saw every fish swimming fast beside me  
G         Em             C                  D 
And all kinds of leafs from all different trees  
G            Em             C             G 
And all of the insects that circle on the earth  
G            Em             D             G 
Birds and land animals are reaching towards birth 

Verse 6 
G            Em        C       G 
And I saw my body on a body of water 
G          Em          G        D 
And I could see that we were the same  
G           Em       C          G 
Roaring and reckless, invulnerable  
G           Em           D               G 
Emotion and swinging and predisposed to changing 

Verse 7 
G           Em      C      G 
When I open my eyes vision respell 
G            Em         C            D 
I picked up my oars and I kissed the coldness 
G            Em       C      G 
With stronger arms I silently swept 
G            Em       D      G 
I silently drifted, I silently wept 

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