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Boys Will Be Boys Chords


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by happiness

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Boys Will Be Boys

  		Intro: Am E Am E 

Am                                  E        Am                                    E 
I've had nights I will never forget, I've had nights I will always regret  
Dm                                                     E                        Am 
But I can take it on the chin and say boys will be boys 
Dm                                                       Am                    Dm                                           Am     
There's been girls that have stolen our hearts, but their arms couldn't simply be prized apart 
Dm                                                       E                         Am  Dm 
They will never never let us in and say boys will be boys  
I felt driven and I felt obliged, I've had feeling like a thorn in my side, I hope you never let us down say 
Am                        Dm                            Am                       E Am 
Boys will be boys, we cheat and we lie, boys will be boys, boys will be boys  

Outro: Am E Am E Am E Am 


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