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I'm Still Searching Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by brunblazkowski

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I'm Still Searching

Intro: G  D  G  D  C  D  Am 

The rumors are vicious 
My ears are burning 
A                      Am 
It's been a long hard day 
F          Em 
Telephone rings 
I still got nothing to say 
 F                   Dm 
Considerations tossed out the window 
I feel a little bit wired 
F                       E7 
The rules say anything goes 
But I don't want to play 

Bb   C        Am       Bb 
You said I could walk away 

Take me back to where 
My life burns 

C D G I'm still searching for something D Am I'm still looking for someone D But I'm caught in the middle Am Of a broken heart Dm And a life on the run
F Took a long walk Dm Am I went down through the backstreets I heard the city scream F Reminds me of the time Em Am I run wicked and free Bb C Am Bb Now here I stand all alone C But I'm back to where D My life burns. Em D One heart C G One home Em D C But I'm still holding on Em D I've loved C G But I've roamed Em D C D C Now I'm goin' home goin' home. (Refrão)

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