Glass Tiger

I Will Be There

Glass Tiger

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I Will Be There

Written by glass tinger


Intro: E  C#m  E  Am  E  A  E  A  E  A  E 

 E7                      Am 
A fight for king or country 
 E7              A 
Can liven any heart 
 E7                    A 
To sleep beneath the open skies 
 E7                  A 
A love affair can start 

 E7/4            A4(7) 
Echoes in the valley 
 C#m                   A4(7) 
As embers cross  red skies 
 C#m                  A4(7) 
I'm calling from the mountain 
 C#m           B5 
Echoes of no reply 

B5 E7 I will be there A E7 Oh! When you call my name A E7 I will be there A E7 Oh! If you call my name... A7 E7 A I will be there
E7 A Listen to the silence E7 A As shadows dance with me E7 A A ticking clock of endless time E7 A Clouds my memory E7 A I'm calling from the mountains C#m E7 Echoes of no reply.

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