Giles Giles And Fripp

Call Tomorow

Giles Giles And Fripp

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Call Tomorow


Em            C 
Call tomorrow 
Em            F#m 
Call tomorrow 
F   G  E 
Not today 

Em F              G   F   
Judy, the vicar's daughter 
Am     Dm       Fm   Bm  
Is going to have a baby 
Dbm     E              A  
If it's true what people say 
A     D    Em 
She's gone astray 
Am  A            E    D  
And fallen by the wayside 
Bb A  
I lied 
E            Bm           Em 
Sunday-minded people in the parish 
Am   E       Bm    Am    G  Eb   Em E 
Say a prayer, Judy isn't there 

C F         B     G   F  
Judy, the vicar's daughter 
Am          Dm         B 
Didn't like my sense of humor, 
Dbm         E            A  
Now the fading smile has gone 
D        Em 
To right the wrong 
C    A     E      D  
I'll never be the same me 
D    A 
Shame me 

Em A 

C    Em    G Am       
Call tomorrow 
Call tomorrow 
D   F 
Not today 

G F#m E 

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