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Clair Chords

Gilbert O'Sullivan

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Somsat

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	  Intro: F#m - Bm7 - E -C#m7 

   F#m              Bm7                 E 
Clair,      the moment I met you I swear, 
    C#m7                            F#m        F#m/E 
I felt        as if something some.......where   
          Bm7                          G#m7/5-               E 
Had happened to me, which I              couldn't see 
         F#m            Bm7                   E 
And then,    the moment I met you, again 
      C#m7                                 F#m           F#m/E 
I knew       in my heart that we were friends. 
      Bm7                     G#m7/5-         E            
It had      to be so, it couldn't       be no 
        A             G                          Bm7 
But try      as hard as I might do, I don't know why. 
   E                                 A 
You get to me in a way I can't describe. 
   D7+                                       D7+/Eb 
Words mean so little when you look         up and smile 
I don't care what       people say, 
To me you're more than a child 
        Bm7       E 
Oh Clair...    Clair 
   F#m       Bm7                  E 
Clair,     if ever a moment so rare 
           C#m7                    F#m        F#m/E 
Was captures for all to 
            Bm7                   G#m7/5-                E 
That moment is you,  in all             that you do. 
         A            G                                  Bm7 
But why      in spite of our age diff' rence do      I cry. 
   E                                    A 
Each time I leave you I feel I      could die. 
   D7+                                          D7+/Eb 
Nothing means more to me than hearing     you say, 
"I'm going to marry      you. 
Will you marry me, Uncle Ray?" 
        Bm7       E 
Oh Clair...    Clair  

(S O L O )    Gm - Cm7 - F - Bb - Gm - D 

  F#m          Bm7                          E    
Clair,    I've told you before "Don't you dare!" 
         A              F#m 
"Get back into bed." 
                  Bm7               E  
"Can't you see     that it's late." 
               A                 F#m 
"No you can't have a drink." 
          Bm7                E             A 
"Oh allright then but wait just a minute." 
   G                           Bm7 
While I, in an effort to babysit, 
   E                                              A   
Capture my breath, when there is left of it. 
   D7+                                     D7+/Eb 
You      can be murder at this hour        of the day 
                 D7+/E                                F#m 
But in the morning the sun will see my lifetime away. 
         Bm7         E            Eb      Dm     A/C#      E 
Oh  Clair...     Clair... 
Oh, Clair. 


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