Gary Moore

Too tired

Gary Moore

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Too tired

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This lick is repeated x 4 w/ -|-5------------------|------------------------------------------------------- -|--8-7-5-------------|------------------------------------------------------- -|--------7b8p5---5---|------------------------------------------------------- -|--------------7-----|------------------------------------------------------- -|--------------------|------------------------------------------------------- -|--------------------|------------------------------------------------------- --5--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--8b9-5--5--8b----8b10-8--5-------5--| ----------------------------------------------------5-----5--| ------------------------------------------------------5h7----| -------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------------|
D I laid down last night, to tired to wake. I had a chill this morning, too tired to shake. I got a good poker hand, too tired to win. I can hear my A baby knockin to tired to let her in. I'm tired. Yeah, I'm D A G D tired. Too tired. Too tired for anything. D I'm too tired to walk. Too tired to run. I can hear A G D my baby calling, too tired, too tired. I'm tired. Solo D I'm tired of prosperity, tired of A luck. I'm sittin' on a pin, too tired to get up. I'm tired. D A I declare, I'm tired. I'm too tired. (rpt 5h7 17x) G D Oh Albert I'm tired.

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