Gary Lewis


Gary Lewis

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Intro: E 

Em      G             A         B       E 
Jill, between you and me, I can see the gleam  
        A   B 
in your eyes  
    Dbm   Abm    A       Gbm      E 
And I can hardly wait to see you, Jill  
G                   A     B               A 
Just as if you were here, I can hear your voice  
softly call  
    Dbm            Am              E 
But no, no Jill is here at all  my love is only  

a dream away  Jill is only a dream  

G      E     G         B     E 
All my life, I've done crazy things  
B                      A     C  Em  
Gonna find a bird that sings to me  
Em      C            D       E    A   B 
La, la, you, la, la, la, ooo-ooooooooooooooo  

Em    G                   A 
Jill, are you thinking of me  I'll be thinking  
   B          E 
of you all my life  


Em     C            D       E      A    B 
La la, you, la, la, la, ooo-ooooooooooooooooo   
Em    G                   A 
Jill, are you thinking of me  I'll be thinking  
   B          E 
of you all my life  

Em    G          A B 
Jill      (Jill)      (Fade ) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat  

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