Garth Brooks

The Call

Garth Brooks

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The Call

Capo on 3rd fret

verse 1: 
    D                                    Dsus4 D 
I'm not (I'm not) supposed (supposed) to call you 
    G           D     A 
I know we both agree  
    D                                   Dsus4 D 
We said (we said) that it (that it) was over 
    G                      A 
And I guess that it should be  

      D                            D7 
But I can't (but I can't) get you off my mind  
And I miss (I miss) you like hell tonight  
      Em                  A 
But I won't pick up this phone 'cause I... 

verse 2: 
    D                                    Dsus4 D 
I'm not (I'm not) supposed (supposed) to call you  
    G            D   A 
I tell myself again.  
    D                                 Dsus4 D 
I say (I say) I don't (I don't) still love you  
          G                A 
And we're better off just friends 

       D                            D7 
But I can't (but I can't) help but wonder if 
It's supposed to hurt as bad as this 
          Em           A 
Got your number at my fingertips  
         D                                   Dsus4 D 
But I'm not (I'm not) supposed (supposed) to call you  


verse 3: 
         D                               D7 
But I'm wishing (I'm wishing) more than anything 
Any second now this phone will ring  
         Em                      A 
But I'm sure you're not thinking the same thing (pause) 

           D                                   Dsus4 D 
Cause I'm not (I'm not) supposed (supposed) to call you 

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