Gaither Vocal Band

It Is Finished

Gaither Vocal Band

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It Is Finished


C                                C7          F 
There's a line that's been drawn through the Ages 
        C             C7         G 
On that line stood an old rugged cross 
        C       C7         F                C             G            C 
On that cross a battle was raging,  For the gain of man's soul or it's loss. 
                          C7              F          C     C7       G 
The Earth shakes with the force of the conflict, The Sun refuses to shine 
    C                 C7         F 
For there hangs God's Son in the balance, 
     C             G           C 
 And then thru the darkness He cries 

                C7            F It is Finished, the battle is over       C                  C7         G It is Finished, there'll be no more war       F                        C It is Finished, the end of the conflict                     G        C It is Finished, and Jesus is Lord.
                C7         F               C            C7           G In my heart the battle was raging, Not all prisoners of war had come home.                          C7        F There were battle fields of my own making           C             G            C I did not know that the war had been won.                           C7          F And then I heard that the King of all Ages,      C              C7          G Had fought all the battles for me.     C           C7           F And victory was mine for the claiming,      C              G         C And now praise His Name I am free. Chorus

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