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C                 D           G 
I wish that I was home in Donegal 
   C             D         
To be with you beside the sea 
   Em                    C             
To hear your sweet voice calling me 
G          D           G              
Back to my home in Donegal 
   G              Am             D                   
He walks upon the streets of New Orleans 
           G             Am         
There is a strange and unfamiliar look 
   C             D       
To every face he sees. 
   C                 D 
He came here for the money 
    G         C       Am         
The adventure and the craic 
    G            Am       
Now all he ever thinks about 
   D             G          
Is someday going back 

G Am D He misses all his family and friends G Am There's times when he'd give all he has C D Just to be with them again C D Before the young ones move away G C Am The old ones are all gone. G Am Before his heart can realize D G He's been away too long.
G Am D Sometimes he lays there dreaming in the night G Am To get a job of extra work C D He?ll save the money for the flight C D But lonely dreams in darkness G C Am disappear before the dawn G Am Familiar faces fade away D G All the dreams are gone.

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