Frontier Ruckus

Spring Terror Chords

Frontier Ruckus

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by robepoiel

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Spring Terror

Capo on 2nd fret

Intro: Strum the G chord hammer on the G note a few times. 

Look at all the steam off the snow 
                       Em              C      Am 
We listen to the Top 40 country radio blow 
Listen to the singer 
                          Em           C 
Trying to put my finger on who killed who 
When it does linger 
                                Em          C 
The sweet nostril-stinger of the springs mildew 
G                                      Em 
Was it your will to take his pill orally? 
C              Am 
Or did you act perfunctorily? 
The lamp-shadow dampness 

The safe world of campus 
The water of your high school eyes 
Some stadium 
Some old college tries 
There in my stomach the liquor heated 

With every place I ever trick-or-treated and 
We used to message through the ink of night 
C                         Am 
With skin still young and pink and tight 
D                                Em 
Back when the tongue thrust with all of our young lust 
      Am                      Bm                     C    Am 
The dimple-chin brunettes who make simpleton pets of me 
And yes, Im a heel 
But with Peters keel 
         Em                  C 
I will cut through the lily-pads 
Am                     D 
The moping mothers and hillbilly dads 
        Em                           G 
And the billboard dentist from White Lake to East Lansing 
        Am            D 
With his day-glo halo sentence entrancing 
G                                Em 
The moon makes lake-water out to be a filmy skin 
      C              Am                   Em       C 
But who can begin to tell what skin holds far within 
Oh, the bathers 
Oh, the toweling 
Em                          C 
Your cells are saviors that ring wet bells growling and 
You have the black eyes 
Just holes filled with night skies 
Em                            C 
A saddening sweetness through your kid-sister sighs 
         G                       Em 
Where the Sylvan Lake corner is flickering with childhood 
          C                     Am 
And the mourner within me feels older than wildwood 
    G                     Em 
And if I knew what part of me was wax 
    C                         Am                  G 
Id try to truncate it with a black sopping night axe  

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