Frank Sinatra

If You Never Come To Me Chords

Frank Sinatra

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If You Never Come To Me

( Antonio Carlos Jobim e Luis Oliveira)


E7M     Eb7M/13 D7M  Db7/9 
There's   no    use 
Of the moonlight glow 
              Am7       Am6 
Or the peaks where winter snows 
       Ab7/13     Ab7/13-        Db7/9 
What's the use of the waves that will break 
     Db7/9-      F#7/13   B7/9+ 
in the cool of the evening 
What is the evening 
  A7        E7M      F5-/7 
Without you it's nothing 
E7M Eb7M/13 D7M Db7/9 
It  may         be 
You will never come 
        Am7      Am6 
If you never come to me 
       Ab7/13      Ab7/13-      Db7/9 
What's the use of my wonderful dream 
  Db7/9-    F#7/13    B7/9+ 
And why would they leave me 
Where would they leave me, 
 A7      E7M      A7/13 
Without you to nowhere 
Just nowhere 

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