Frank Sinatra

How Litlle We Know Chords

Frank Sinatra

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by andrsouza

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How Litlle We Know

Fmaj7    Fmaj7   

Gm7 C9        Fmaj7                          
                 How little we know  
             Gm7  C9   
How much to discover 
What chemical forces flow 
              Bbm7    Eb9 
From lover to lover  
             Fmaj7         Am7    D9        Gm7      C9 
How little we understand, what touches of that tingle 
             Fmaj7        Dm7       Ab7/b13      G13      tacet 
That sudden explosion, when two tingles intermingle 

Who cares to define 
               Gm7     C9  
What chemistry this is 
Who cares with your lips on mine 
             Bbm7        Eb9 
How ignorant bliss is 

               Cm7             F9                 Bbmaj7    Eb9 
So long as you kiss me, (and) the world around us shatters 
             Am7    D9     Gm7    C9 
How little it matters,          how little we know 

Instrumental Solo and recovery at the beginning of the song 

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