Frank Sinatra

C'est Magnific

Frank Sinatra

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C'est Magnific

(Cole Porter)

               A       E7     A       D9       Cdim   A  
When love comes in and takes you for a spin  
   C#m5-/7     F#7  Bm7   Bm5-/7 E7  
Oo,  la,  la,  la, c'est magnifique  
        Bm        F#7          Bm           Bm7+      Bm7  
When ev'ry night your loved one holds you tight  
    Bm5-/7     E7/9  Cdim   A6  A7M  
Oo, la, la, la, c'est magnifique  
E7      A       E7   A            D9         Cdim    A  
But when, one day, your loved one drifts away  
   C#m5-/7      A  A7M  A7  A7/13  D7M   D6  
Oo, la,  la, la,        it's so  tragique  
     D9        Dm6  Fdim  A       C#m5-/7      F#7  
But when, once more, she whispers, "Je t'adore"  
     Cdim D9  Dm6 E7/13 Bm5-/7 A D9 A6  
C'est   magnifique 

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