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Intro G  F#m  C#m  D 


        G  F#m  C#m  D 
My bloodhound  
baying at your door 
         G     F#m C#m D 
The wild grass  
                          G  F#m  C#m 
overlapping your front porch 
             D                        G     F#m  C#m 
The sound of scratching claws trimmed short 
      D               G      F#m   C#m  D 
Keeps you buttoned up on the floor 
    C#m      D         G 
And you're reduced to howls 
    C#m     D        G 
And I'm not there to drown them out 
C#m        D      G 
Swallowing up the room 

Letting yourself down 

verse 2 

G  F#m       C#m   D 
Darling I'll be fine   (The hiccups my mouth emits) 

G    F#m        C#m    D 
I've left behind my calluses (This solicitude I won't forgive) 
G        F#m     C#m   D 
I'll be whatever you like (All of this inside my head) 
     G        F#m      C#m    D 
Your seafaring love to the shore 

verse 3 

         G           F#m          D 
When the tide rolled in there was nothing left 
       G    F#m         D 
But an albatross hanging from my neck 
    G       F#m       D 
And just as you could not contain the sea 
G         F#m    D 
You could not contain me 

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