Fly Away Hero

Madisons Favorite Toys

Fly Away Hero

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Madisons Favorite Toys

	  		(I'll be figuring out the actual progressions soon but this is what I played in a cover of mine and it 
seemed to work so I hope it helps :)) 

Intro: D D7 (2x) 

D              D7      Asus 
Little boys in chains, a red masquerade  
         Bm                                G 
That she wears around her lips to make her pretty 
D             D7    Asus 
Purple on her eyes, stockings to the sky 
         Bm                                          G 
Then she sheds with every shred of regret to hit the city 
       D                 D7 
Just ignore the markings on her thighs  
It‚??s all for the attention 
When all she does is wine and dine 
Well she forgot to, she forgot to mention 

D We are all Madison‚??s favorite toys Asus She plays with all of us girls and boys Bm G Gm In a little world she calls her own
Verse: D D7 Asus Teenage girl in bloom, Taylor Swift perfume Bm G That makes you smell like wonderlust and whiskey D D7 Asus How your eyes, they gleam shattered self esteem Bm G That you broke when you choked on the blokes who filmed for Mickey D D7 She‚??ll tell you she‚??ll be faithful Asus As she sleeps with just a friend Bm She‚??ll tell you that she‚??s grateful G In his bed, as she bends Chorus D D7 Bridge: (4x) D D7 Play with me, Madi please don‚??t forget D D7 Play with me, I‚??m not broken yet Chorus
D We are all Madison‚??s favorite toys Asus Little plastic soldiers that she enjoys Bm G Gm We make her feel less alone
-- D D7 Looks like she‚??s caught another one (4x) OUTRO (single strum each): D D7 Asus Ashes to ashes, we all fall down

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chords Fly Away Hero - Madisons Favorite Toys
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