First Aid Kit

Nothing Has To Be True

First Aid Kit

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Nothing Has To Be True

Capo on 2nd fret

C F  (x3) 

verse 1 
         F     C 
Each and every breath we take 
  F            C 
A step towards death 
And the moon is pale 
       Am         G    F 
And we might have seen something 
                              C F C 
But we ain't seen nothing yet 

verse 2 
     F         C 
And I may have dreamt it 
      F        C 
Or it may have happened 
When I stood right here 
Am      G     F 
Waiting for a sign 
                  C F C 
For me to walk away 

verse 3 
      F          C 
But I give in so easy 
      F               C 
And I give up instantly 
I chase what is gone 
       Am          G       F 
And my friends are getting tired 
                   C     F C 
Of the shit that I pull 

verse 4 
         F          C 
They say why do you love those 
    F               C 
Who turn you into a fool? 
Why do you let them get to you? 
Am         G         F 
You should have been running 
                  C   F C 
When you chose to stay 

Verse 5 
      F       C 
Now I feel so far away 
         F             C 
From the person I once was 
I thought love was enough 
        Am        G      F 
You can tell yourself so many things 
                      C    F C 
And nothing has to be true 

Verse 6 
        F       C 
Did you wake up last night 
            F                  C 
Drenched in your old sweat and tears 
No, it's not always easy 
        Am        G       F 
You get lost counting the years 
          Am             G        F 
Since you last felt like you were home 
          Am             G        F 
Since you last felt like you were home 
          Am             G        F 
Since you last felt like you were home 
Oh, I thought you were home 

(C) F C F C F 
F   C   G 
Am G F 
C F  (x3) 
F   C   G 
Am G F  (x4) 
C F  (x8) 

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