Fionn Regan

Black Water Child

Fionn Regan

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Black Water Child

(Fionn Regan)


Cappo 5 

C                        Em F 
Down here underneath the microscope, 
it's hard to cope. 

don't hide your face in your hands, 
Em                       F 
'cause if your eyes play tricks, 
                   C      F 
it's outta my control. 

          G                   C   F 
it's gonna be a long cold winter. 
                 G                       C 
the skeletons of trees, my blackwater child 

if you don't love me, well, don't shove me 
out into the dark 
without a flashlight or a spark. 
any stitches cling like bitches to my arms 
for all my charms. 

it's gonna be a crooked little winter 
the skeletons of trees, my blackwater child 

C F 

              G    Em 
she's walking home 
to the devil's flowers. 
              G    Em 
the broken bones 
of heavy hours. 
                 G    Em 
we stayed out late, 
it's a lighthouse trait. 
                G  Em  F  F C      C 
and we'll take our time      Time 

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