Father John Misty

Chateau Lobby 4 In C For Two Virgins

Father John Misty

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Chateau Lobby 4 In C For Two Virgins


Intro: F 

C                   Dm      F                       G 
Emma eats bread and butter, like a queen would have ostrich and cobra wine 
C                  Dm             F                     G 
We‚??ll have satanic Christmas Eve, and play piano in the chateau lobby 
F                                         G 
I‚??ve never done this, baby be gentle it‚??s my first time, I‚??ve got you inside 
F                                               G                               
People are boring, but you‚??re something else completely‚?¶  Damn let‚??s take our chances 
C                         Dm       F                              G 
I want to take you in the kitchen, lift up your wedding dress someone was probably murdered in 
C                      Dm      F                         G 
So bourgeoisie to keep waiting, dating for 20 years just feels pretty civilian 
F                                                  G 
I‚??ve never thought that, ever thought that once in my whole life, you are my first time 
F                                              G 
People are boring, but you‚??re something else I can‚??t explain, you take my last name‚?¶‚?¶ 
First time you let me stay the night despite your own rules 
You took off early to go cheat your way through film school 
You left a note in your perfect script 
Stay as long as you want, and I haven‚??t left your bed since 

(verse x2 during the sweet ass mariachi horn solo) 

F                                           G 
I haven‚??t hated, all the same things as somebody else, since I remember 
F                                          G 
What going on for, what are you doing with your whole life, how ‚??bout forever‚?¶‚?¶‚?¶. 

End on  

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