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Let's Make Love Chords

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by Glaudemir

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Let's Make Love

Introd.: Bb F Gm Dm Eb F 
       Bb              F 
    Baby I've been drifting away 
      Gm        Eb 
    Dreaming all day 
    Of holidng you 
    Touching you 
         Gm              Eb 
    The only thing I want to do 
    Is be with you 
    As close to you 
     Gm    Cm7   Eb 
    As I can be 
    Let's make love 
    All night long 
            Gm               Eb 
    Until all our strength is gone 
    Hold on tight 
    Just let go 
           Gm              Eb 
    I want to feel you in my soul 
    Until the sun comes up 
    Let's make love 
    Oh, baby 
  G                                 D
Do you know what you do to me
Em              C
Everything inside of me
G                     D
Is wanting you, and needing you
Em        C                   G
I'm so in love with you, look in my eyes
         D                   C
Letís get lost tonight, in each other

                G                  D
Let's make love, all night long
      Em                       C
Until all our strength is gone
            G               D
Hold on tight, just let go
           Em                 C
I wanna feel you in my soul
  Am7     C        Am7             Am7     C            Am7
Until the sun comes up      (Oh, until the sun comes up)  last x only
                G     D  Em  C
Let's make love

Solo chords same as intro

Repeat C

C             G
Let's make love

Note G#madd11 is played the same as a Cm7, just add the root note of G


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