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A final dream Chords


Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by Glaudemir

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A final dream

  		 C# Ab Gb Ab 
C#             Ab 
Lay your head down  
Gb              Ab 
And sleep on my shoulder  
C#             Ab 
Lay your head down  
    Gb           Ab 
And start a new dream  
C#         Ab 
And for tonight 
    Gb         Ab 
the moment is over  
  Gb        C# 
Drift in a lullaby  
  Gb                 C# 
Here where the stars reside  
  Gb            C#     Ab 
And angels are always seen  
Lay your head down  
The stars they have whispered  
Hear what they say  
And know that it means  
The moon is your guide  
The stars they have kissed her  
As she goes gently by  
Light as a babys eye  
Save on a fairytales dream  
    Gb            C# 
And start a new dream  


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