Ernest Tubb

Seamans Blues

Ernest Tubb

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Seamans Blues

D On my way to Italy from the A7 Em gulf of Mei co Riding on a A7 Em A7 tanker and feeling Mighty D Low My gal's far be=hind me, no A7 loving for so Lone A7 Em A7 going back to texas for Em A7 D that's where I be long
Verse Bm7 G Nights are so lonely on the D Em ocean there's so much time to A7 Em A7 dream of yes-ter- day------If Bm7 G D I could only satisfy my notion Em I'd Hit the trail for A D Texas right away Verse Bm7 Never thought back G D when I was a leaving ------- Em A7 Em I could get so lost out on the A7 Bm7 Sea----------- I can tell you G D after all my Grievin---- Em A7 It's that good old Texas soil for D Me

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