Ernest Tubb

I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye

Ernest Tubb

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I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye

C                           F 
Your letter came, this very day 
             C              G7 
And it wiped all, my dreams away 
             C                F 
I've read it o'er, a thousand times 
            C     G7 C 
Its left me with, a worried mind 

C F I wonder why, you said goodby C G7 and did you mean, to make me cry C F I guess until, the day I die C G7 C that I will still, be wondering why.
Verse C F I dread the thought, that we are through C G7 and that you've found, somebody new C F I love you now, I always will C G7 C I'd rather die, tha say farewell
C F I hope and pray, before my time C G7 that you'll come back, and say you're mine C F bring back the love, you took away C G7 C and ment the heart, you broke today

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