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Key:  Cm More
Divano Key GmGm
Divano Key G#mG#m
Divano Key AmAm
Divano Key A#mA#m(one step down)
Divano Key BmBm(half step down)
Divano Key CmCm(original key)
Divano Key C#mC#m(half step up)
Divano Key DmDm(one step up)
Divano Key D#mD#m
Divano Key EmEm
Divano Key FmFm
Divano Key F#mF#m
	  		  divano,  divano re...                                  (refrão) 
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E|------------------------------------3--------------------------| B|-0-2-3---3-2-3-5---5-3-2-2-3-3---3-2-2-0-0---------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|-0-2-3---3-2-3-5---5-3-2-2-3-3---7-5-3-7-5-5-------------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Cm Infanat ora Si temi mode pregat Eb Bb Impera centra daemon terra Cm Era domine Infanatoca Si temi mode pregat G# Et amima dove core G Infana dio re Cm C Infanati grazie G# Eb Fm Eb Divano divano me divano messi Bb Eb Fm Eb Divano messia divano messia G# Eb Fm Eb Divano divano me divano mesi Bb Divano messia mesia mesia

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Half key step downHalf key step down
Full key step downFull key step down
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