Unfinished Memories


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Unfinished Memories

Intro: Cm B A B 

Cm        B         Asus2 B 
I saw you yesterday 
Cm       B                  Asus2  B 
I didn't know that it would be the last time 
Cm          B 
You said my name 
Asus2      B  
You walked away 
Cm        B              Asus2   B 
A Moments lost but never once forgotten 

Cm     Asus2 E                B 
But one day I'll see you face to face 
Cm         Asus2 E                B 
Then we'll say things we meant to say 
Cm       Asus2 E               B 
It's too late for now but not always 
F#m                             Asus2             (B)         Cm 
We'll meet again and then we'll start from these unfinished memories 

I cannot change that day 
Go back erase what happened 
Ease the pain 
There's none to blame 
No steps to take and even though we may not understand 

Cm B A 
      B          Cm 
these unfinished memories 


these unfinished memories 

Tabbed by Stym 

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