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Allahu Akbar

Emperor X

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Allahu Akbar

Bb  F 

Chalk in the riverbed 
    F                                   Bb 
Was deposited by the ocean as it boiled off 
Encased in calcium carbonate 
We could drown or we could solder 
I climbed the ranks of militiamen 
        F                                        Bb 
And the Sadrites, and my parents felt a cautious pride 
And disregarded Shari'a Law 
And put the Tigris in a trench now 

Bbsus2                                            Dm7 
Give us rain, give us rain, give us rain, give us rain, 
Give us rain, give us rain, send us water 
Bbsus2                                                  Dm7 
Send us trucks, send us trucks, send us trucks, send us trucks, 
Send us trucks, send us tanks, send us IEDs 
Bbsus2                                                  Dm7 
Send us planes, send us planes, send us planes, send us planes, 
Send us planes, send us planes, is the sky clear enough? 
Bbsus2                      Dm7   C 
Send us dust storms, woah- 

Bb F Allahu Akbar
Verse Bb The sand has lowered the vitamin F Bb Saturation point, put a straw under the bridge and suck Bb We made a pact with the Arakeen F And we built ourselves a filter Bb The city hydro's undrinkable F Bb Shattered cinderblocks are their favorite things to talk about Bb We saw your face in the Guardian F And it raised the circulation Pre-Chorus Bbsus2 Send us rain, please transmit Dm7 Please receive our dumb prayers, C Telepath, send a flood, send us an avalanche Bbsus2 Dm7 Send us cold, send us ice, send us meteorites C Send us snow, send us hail, send us high speed rail Bbsus2 Dm7 We can pay, we should pay, we will pay, we insist C No defaults but we must get down to Chechnya Bbsus2 Dm7 We defend, we fight back, we plant bombs under tracks C We skip church, all the monotheists
Bb F Sing: "Allahu Akbar!" Bb And the Inuit sang Dm And the Zionists sang: C Bb "Allahu Akbar!" Bb And the economists sang Bb And the astronomers sang Dm And the anarchists sang: C Bb "Allahu Akbar!" Bb God is greatest! Bb God is greatest! Dm God is greatest! C Bb "Allahu Akbar!"

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