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Elvis Costello

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Year: 2002 - Album: When I Was Cruel

Key:  A5 More
45 Key E5E5
45 Key F5F5
45 Key F#5F#5
45 Key G5G5(one step down)
45 Key G#5G#5(half step down)
45 Key A5A5(original key)
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45 Key B5B5(one step up)
45 Key C5C5
45 Key C#5C#5
45 Key D5D5
45 Key D#5D#5
	  		(play stacatto) 
             G5       D5     C5  
Bells are chiming for victory 
D5	       C5      G5      A5 
There's a page back in history 
   D5  A5 
45               G5     D5                     C5 
They came back to the world that they fought for 
D5          C5      G5 
Didn't turn out just like they thought 
A5  D5  A5 
D         E           D/F#       E/G# 
Here is a song to sing to do the measuring 
D/A			      E/B                    (guitar+bass) 
What do you lose, what do you gain, what do you win? 
Nine years later a child is born 
There's a record, so you put it on 
Nine years more, if we're lucky now 
Nine-year-old puts his money down 
Every scratch. every click, every heartbeat 
Every breath that I held for you 
There's a stack of shellac and vinyl 
Which is yours now and which is mine? 
Here is a song to sing to do the measuring 
What do you lose, what do you gain, what do you win? 
A5                   D5          
Bass and treble heal every hurt 
                C5  G5 
There's a rebel in a nylon shirt 
A5            G5    D5 
But the words are a mystery, I've heard 
F#5                      B5         (F#m and Bm on organ) 
'Til you turn it down to 33 and 1/3 
A5            G5       D5   C5  D5 
'Cos it helps with the elocution 
             C5   G5 
Corporations turn revolutions 
A5 G5 A5 
So don't just weep and shed 
Just change your name instead 
What do you lose when it all goes to your head? 
I heard something peculiar said: 
"Perhaps he's got a shot and now he's dead" 
Bells are chiming and tears are falling 
It creeps up on you without a warning 
Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat 
Every breath that I bless 
I'd be lost, I confess 
A G  A G  to fade  


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