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Skyline Pigeon Chords

Elton John

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Skyline Pigeon

Year: 1969 - Album: Carinhoso - Internacional

  		        D                A/C# 
Turn me loose  from your hands   
       G   A7           D             E7
Let me fly  to distant lands  / Over green fields
            G           D       A7             D 
trees and  mountains/  Flowers  and forest, fountains 
    G                     A7
/ Home  along the line of the 
D                                     A/C# 
skyway  /  For this dark  and lonely room  
            G    A7         D
projects a shadow  castin' gloom 
                E7               G 
And my eyes  are mirrors  of the world  outside  
Thinking of the way  
A7                  D 
that the wind can turn the side  
            G                  A7            D
And  these shadows  turn from purple into grey 
              G              A7 
For just a  skyline pigeon  dreaming   
of the open, wainting for the day 
        G                  A7           D 
He can spread his wings  and fly away again   
F#7   Bm    C#7
 Fly away , skyline pigeon 
F#m              G 
fly  towards the dreams  you've  left so 
D     A7    D
very far behind 
Just let me wake up in the morning / 
To the smell of new-mown hay 
              G             A7             D       
to laugh and cry to live and die  In the brightness of my day 
I want to hear the pealing bells of distant 
G                                D
churches  sing  / But most of all please 
         A7                D 
free  me from this aching metal ring  / 
    G              A7              D
And open out this cage towards the sun .

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