Elton John

Curtains Chords

Elton John

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by robepoiel

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  		 Bb                    Bb7 
I used to know this old scarecrow 
          Eb              Bb     Eb/Bb 
he was my song, my joy and sorrow 
Bb                      Bb7 
cast a lone between the furrows 
     Eb                      Bb 
of a field no longer sown by anyone 
                   Bb7                    Eb 
I held a dandelion that said the time has come 
                  F           Bb 
to leave upon the wind not to return 
Till summer burns the earth again 

Eb       Bb7     Bb7sus Bb                   Eb 
oh oh oh oh oh oh  oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 

Bb                      Bb7     Eb 
Cultivate the freshest flower 
this garden ever grew 
               Bb7           Eb 
beneath these branches I once wrote 
such childish words for you 
                       Bb7                            Eb 
but that's ok there's treasure children always seek to find 
              F                Bb7 
and just like us you must have had 
a once upon a time 

Eb                 Bb7 Bbsus4  Bb 
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 

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