Ellie Holcomb

Rock Of Habitation

Ellie Holcomb

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Rock Of Habitation

Capo on 3rd fret


F           C  F       Bb             C 
Be thou to me a rock of habitation  
Am           Bb   C 
to which I may continually come  
F           C  F          Bb                        C 
be thou to me the strength of my salvation 
Am                  Bb                C       F 
the rock that I stand on will never fall 

For Lord you are God  
      Bb        Am 
and I am unworthy 
Bb                  F                  C 
thank you for loving me in spite of my sin 

F                   C  F 
For your love is life  
Bb                   C 
without it I am nothing 
Am             Bb                  C                 F 
Help me to stand on your firm foundation 

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