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Daydream Chords

Ella Mae Morse

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(Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn)

F7M         F7 Bb7             A7/13-         Dm7 
Daydream,     why do you haunt me so  
Bbm6      C7/13-  Fm6 Abē 
Deep in a rosy      glow 
Eb   Db7/9       C7          Csus13 C7/13 
The face of my love you show 
F7M         F7 Bb7      A7/13-       Dm7 
Daydream,     I walk along on air 
Bbm6        C7/13- Fm6 
Building a castle    there 
Dm5-/7 Db7/9         C7/13-  F7M Cm7/11 F7/13 
For         me and my love to share 
Bb7M Bbm7/11 E7  A7M Bb7/11 Eb7  
Don't   know       the  time,  lord 
Ab7M Am7/11 D7  G7M 
I'm       in           a     daze 
Gm7 C7     F7M Ab7/13 G7/13                             Gm7 C7/13- 
Sun   in the sky,   while     I moon around, feeling, haz 
F7M         F7 Bb7                  A7/13-   Dm7 F7 
Daydream,     don't break my reverie 
Bbm6  C7/13-  Fm6 
Until I find that she 
Dm5-/7             C7/13          F7M Eb7/13 Ab7/9 A7/9 Db7/13 C7/13 F7M 
Is daydreaming just like me 

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