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Imagination Chords

Ella Fitzgerald

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Year: 1950 - Album: Pure Ella


G7   C   Gdim     Dm7   G7 
Imagination   is funny 
   C       G5+    Gdim     A7                  
It makes a cloudy day sunny 
Dm    Dm7+        Dm7              
Makes a bee think of honey 
Dm6     Gdim   A7     Fdim G7   
Just as I think of you 
G7  C    Gdim     Dm7   G7 
Imagination   is crazy 
   C     G5+        Gdim     A7 
Your whole perspective gets hazy 
Dm       Dm7+     Dm7 
Starts you asking a daisy 
Dm6     C7M Am        Gm7   C7   
What to do,  what to do 
E  F      Dm7       Cdim    B7 
Have you ever felt a gentle touch, 
  Em7      A7      G/Bb   A7     G/B 
And then a kiss, and then, and then 
       Em7           Am7   Cdim G4/7    G7/13- 
Find it's only your imagination  again?   Oh, well 
G7   C   Gdim     Dm7   G7 
Imagination   is silly, 
  C    G5+       Gdim     A7 
You go around willynilly 
Dm    Dm7+     Dm7        Dm6    Bb9  Gdim 
For example, I go around wanting you 
     Dm7    Bb9         A5-/7 G7   Fdim  C Cdim Dm9 Fdim C6/9 
And yet I can't imagine that you want me, too. 

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